A Study of Two Cut Sunflowers

A Study of Two Cut Sunflowers

By Kerri Kane after Vincent Van Gogh
August 2018

Acrylic paints on stretched canvas.

For the first time, Vincent paints the sunflowers which were to become the symbol of his artistic self. A year after painting Two Cut Sunflowers, Van Gogh wrote to his friend Bernard, ‘I am thinking of decorating my studio with half a dozen pictures of ‘Sunflowers’, a decoration in which the raw or broken chrome yellows will blaze forth on various backgrounds… Two Cut Sunflowers was painted by Vincent Van Gogh in August-September 1887.

I’d been trying to think of what to paint for our outside patio area. Sunflowers would work well I thought. Something nice and bright. However, it’s so humid here in Florida and I didn’t want the painting to get ruined out there. A friend suggested having a print made from my painting to hang instead. Great idea! A print of my Two Cut Sunflowers is now matted and framed and I like knowing the original will be kept safe and dry.

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