Day in the Park


By Kerri Kane
December 2018

Acrylic paints on 9 X 12 board.

Another park day. Wow, I guess we do visit a lot of parks lol Well, I am a nature person for sure. I think I just drag the rest of the family along as well! This is a painting of my daughter Emily, now all grown up! I have no idea who the other two people are, and I had no intention at all for one of them to look like Jamie from Mythbusters! Laughing… I think that’s one of my favorite things I’ve learned while I continue to well, learn. I love how with this loose style of painting, you really don’t know who will come out from the figures! What they’ll look like, I love that! So, in this one, it’s Jamie Hyneman haha

The place, well that’s Bok Tower in Lake Wales, Florida. Sooo peaceful and relaxing. The singing tower houses one of the world’s finest carillons. The bells, all 60 of them, play and fill the gardens with music every day since 1929. Add in some yummy food from the Blue Palmetto cafe and we’re good to go!

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