Ring-tailed lemur

Love them!! This is my arm, such a strange angle, it looks so weird 😆 But obviously it’s not about my arm, it’s about the cutest thing on the planet. Ok, there are many, many cute things. But dangit, the ring-tailed lemurs are on that list!

This photo was taken at Chase Sanctuary, they are amazing! They take in exotic animals that people can no longer care for. There are many reasons for that, I’m just glad there are places like Chase for when it happens.

This lil’ guy is only about 6 months old and new to Chase, so he was wary of me. Ring-tailed lemurs (all lemurs really) numbers in the wild aren’t great, it’s estimated there are more of them in zoos than living on Madagascar. It was extremely special connecting with this sweet one. After he ate the grape, he jumped onto my head 🤣

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