Lizards, Snakes, and Birthday Cake

Oh My!

By Kerri Kane

Illustration for children’s card.

When our daughters were little, I made up a bunch of different cards for all of their assorted parties they had! It started with a lizard card for our oldest. She is a girl that loves all animals, but likes snakes & lizards in particular. This interest began after she read the book Verdi by Janell Cannon in elementary school. It’s a super sweet book, beautifully illustrated. My husband and I feel a bit like the Ol’ Greens in the book at this point in our lives 😉

Anyways, she reeealllly wanted to have a reptile birthday party. We set it all up, the Reptile Man would come to our house and bring an assortment of um, wonders! But I couldn’t at that time, find a good snake or lizard birthday party invitation. So I made one up myself and that’s how these kinds of cards started for us.

You know, that card still sells on Etsy here and there. The Dragon one too from a later party. Kinda neat!

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