Pot Cat


By Kerri Kane
November 2019

Sorta like Podcast yeah? Ok, not, but still! This one took a long while to do. I’m proud to have finished though! It seems like it’s too easy nowadays to feel crappy about oneself, so when the time comes and you feel like you’ve done something decent, FEEL GOOD ABOUT IT!!

Alright, preach over =D This is from a picture I’ve had for a looong time. So long in fact, that I have no idea where it came from. But I do know when I saw it, I’d paint it someday and now I have! So that’s where the Proud of Myself moment comes from lolol I know there’s another one like this in a drawer someplace that I thought the same thing!! So one more to go. Though that one is people and I haven’t really delved into that kind of painting yet, but I will.

Here is Pot Cat. He or she looks nice and warm and cozy in the sun! Right now my fingers are frozen. I am not warm or cozy, brrr… it’s cold here in Florida right now. Guess it is nearing winter. Need to find my pot in the sun 🐱

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